SC Johnson Product Information

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The ingredient declaration document contains a list of the ingredients found in the product, in descending order – from highest to lowest quantity.

The information herein is given in good faith. No warranty, expressed or implied is made.

Product Name Ingredient List Valid From
Duck 100% Kalkfjerner PDF Icon 06/09/2016
Duck 5 in 1 - Marine PDF Icon 29/04/2014
Duck Aktiv-Gel - Citrus PDF Icon 23/09/2014
Duck Aktiv-Gel - Fresh PDF Icon 24/09/2014
Duck Aktiv-Gel - Marine PDF Icon 23/09/2014
Duck Blegegelé PDF Icon 12/07/2016
Duck Fresh Discs - Flower Oasis PDF Icon 23/09/2014
Duck Fresh Discs - Lavender PDF Icon 24/01/2017
Duck Fresh Discs - Lime Zest PDF Icon 30/01/2017
Duck Fresh Discs - Marine PDF Icon 04/11/2016
WC Duck WC Grøn PDF Icon 24/02/2014

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