SC Johnson Product Information

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The ingredient declaration document contains a list of the ingredients found in the product, in descending order – from highest to lowest quantity.

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Product NameIngredient List Valid FromValid To
Mr Muscle AfløbsåbnerPDF Icon15/08/2011 27/05/2009
Mr Muscle Max Fönster & GlasPDF Icon26/09/2007 25/02/2010
Mr Muscle WC Active - Cool MistPDF Icon12/06/2009 30/03/2011
Mr Muscle WC Active - MarinePDF Icon12/06/2009 30/03/2011
Mr Muscle WC Rent - MarinePDF Icon01/09/2007 10/02/2009
Mr Muscle WC Rent PulverPDF Icon25/04/2006 06/09/2007
Mr Muscle WC-Active Odour Neutraliser - Red CitrusPDF Icon12/06/2009 30/03/2011
Mr Muscle WC-Hygiene - MarinePDF Icon18/02/2010 23/02/2012